Our Mission

Preliminary common room planned for Smithers cohousing project.

Preliminary common room planned for Smithers cohousing project.

We want to bring the cohousing model of living into the mainstream in Canada…..and change the world in the process.

How will we change the world (or at least Canada’s corner of the world)?  Simple: A broader awareness of cohousing will help promote and validate a return to community-centric living, and move our society away from a current focus on individualistic consumerism. This simple focus on basic neighbourliness and community will also help end the epidemic of loneliness and social isolation rampant across North American society today – especially for seniors.

We believe the post-war focus on suburbia, McMansions, hyper-consumption and automobile dependence has somehow led meany people to forget the importance of friends, neighbours and community.  Cohousing can help rebalance these priorities.

We envision building neighbourhoods that are in harmony with their environment, while also maintaining a thriving social environment.  We use cutting-edge green technology and design.  We plan projects so they have a positive influence on the surrounding neighbourhood.

These communities require fewer cars and are pedestrian-friendly.  Our developments are “best practice models” that other developers and planners are striving to replicate.