How We Can Help

Preliminary common room planned for Smithers cohousing project.

Preliminary common room planned for Smithers cohousing project.

We specialize in facilitating the development of cohousing communities.  We will follow and implement your vision for the community and we understand that community-led projects must be just that:  led by the cohousing community itself.  We can also help re-energize your group and provide clear direction and assistance on moving things forward.

Real estate development can be a risky and challenging process.  Even the best trip up occasionally.  This is not something for the faint of heart or people with a full-time day job.  Moving a project forward requires specialists who understand the financing and development business, and who have years of experience.

Areas where we can assist:

  • Clarifying the overall goals and vision for the project
  • Feasibility studies on target sites for project
  • Seed financing and pre-development funding
  • Acquiring the site (including land leases and innovative ownership structures to manage risk and group cash situation)
  • Financing for acquisition of the site
  • Getting It Built workshop – call it “Development 101”
  • Study Groups on aging successfully (and aging in place)
  • Study Groups on site layout, common house and individual unit designs
  • Rezoning approvals
  • Financing for construction of the project
  • Building the project
  • Customizing units to specific needs of group members (without causing excessive costs for everyone else)