Getting Started

“Cohousing communities offer nurturing places where people of all ages grow and age well.” –

Interested in starting a new cohousing group to move toward launching a project?  Don’t reinvent the wheel when planning your group.  Instead, contact us for some basic templates and information on how to get things rolling easily and quickly.  And check our resources page for other info that will assist.

We can help you put the basic foundation in place for your cohousing collaboration.  We can also help re-launch and reinvigorate existing cohousing societies and groups that have stalled out.  Believe it or not, most cohousing projects currently stall in the planning stages – mostly because members become overwhelmed with the details and nuances of development planning.  We can help you update plans and get things back on track.

This journey — from your first group gathering to move-in — includes both rewards and challenges. It provides new friends, the chance to create a visionary community, a group of people who care about each other, and fun! It also requires hard work, personal commitment, and a willingness to value relationships and views of others, even when conflict emerges.

Of course we also believe the best way to move a cohousing project forward is through cooperation with a professional development firm.  This allows you to focus on your community goals and overall vision, while outsourcing the details of day-to-day construction to a team of specialists.  The project will always reflect and capture your goals and vision – it is simply delivered by us to your specific requirements.