Site Search & Evaluation

Frog Song Cohousing, Cotati, California.

Here is a quote from a cohousing member struggling with the launch of a project but unable to secure a site:

“Most other members have been working to develop a co-housing community for over a year.  I think folks are disappointed and tired.  We’ve lost our momentum.  But most, I believe, don’t want to lose the friendships they have developed through that effort.”

Unfortunately this is not unusual.  The development of a cohousing project has many bumps along the road.  Most cohousing groups find themselves burning out or stalling during this journey.  We can help to prevent this burn-out cycle and get the group back on track at minimal cost for the group.  We follow a fairly standard process:

Site Search & Evaluation and Project Feasibility
  1. Meet to review the group’s goals, vision and values.  It all starts here.  We also review work to date and challenges encountered.
  2. Identify a short-list of target land sites, then evaluate these options with the group.  We all quickly focus on the most likely targets.
  3. Working with the group to select the top 1-2 preferred sites, we explore the likely availability, pricing and terms of the leading sites.
  4. We provide the group with a feasibility study and financial model customized to the groups requirements.  The model can be updated to reflect changes in units and plans, and it includes details on hard and soft costs as well as a cash flow planning tool.  The model also illustrates cash flow expectations along with possible profit sharing options and project management costs.
  5. Finally, we validate the availability of financing for the project to enable group members to obtain a better understanding the overall budget and cash flow expectations.

Puget Ridge Cohousing, Seattle, WA.

The result: We accelerate the development process using our years of experience in land development transactions.  The above steps are actually fairly easy for the principals of LiveWell since we have been doing this for over 20 years.  We can save the group an enormous amount of time and frustration.

Once the group has a viable site secured that is supported by a feasibility study, the remaining steps in the path toward building the cohousing project become much clearer.  The project will become more concrete and realistic.  Your time contribution will be channeled in the right direction.

The cost:  Minimal – we’re happy to provide a quick estimate.  Contact us for more info.